PBX Operator

Switchboard Operator Job Summary

Do you have a friendly, personable speaking voice and love helping others? As a switchboard operator, you will typically be the first person clients speak with, so you have a great responsibility of providing callers with a productive experience. However, throughout the course of your employment, you will be expected to do a lot more than just answer phones. This is an excellent opportunity to learn how to conduct essential clerical work, and new duties may be assigned to you based on how well you perform. You will be working with people at every level of the organization from entry-level employees to upper management, so if you consider yourself to be a total people-person, then apply today.

Job Responsibilities

  • Answer all incoming calls, provide pertinent information to the caller and transfer the call to the appropriate source if requested
  • Relay voicemails and other messages to the proper location within the organization, which may entail writing down the number of the person who called and providing it to the individual
  • Arrange conference calls within the corporate boardroom while also making sure the room itself is thoroughly cleaned for managers
  • Perform various word processing responsibilities, which can include proofreading documents before they are sent out or updating the company’s phone directory
  • Receive all company mail and deliver it to the right person
  • Record voicemail message for the company phone system, including messages stating when the office will be closed for holidays
  • Perform routine maintenance on switchboard system or contact outside contractor to visit the office to fix the system when necessary
  • Conduct other administrative tasks, including sending faxes, scheduling appointments and making orders for more supplies

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