Computer Repair Technician

Computer Maintenance Technician Salary by Company Size and Professional Level

A Junior Computer Maintenance Technician earns an average of $ 1,971.81, the full level receives about $ 2,414 , while the Senior has an average salary of $ 3,547.38 per month according to survey .br together with CAGED official data of dismissed professionals in the labor market.

Salary by company size
This survey shows the salary range of the position of Computer Maintenance Technician according to company size. The segments are: MEI - Micro Entrepreneur Individual, micro company, small company, medium company and large company. See how this division is made:

MEI: maximum 1 employee allowed;
Micro: up to 19 employees;
Small: 20 to 99 employees;
Average: 100 to 499 employees;
Large: More than 500 employees, whether commerce, services or industry.
Salary by professional level
Here we seek to list the remuneration of the position of Computer Maintenance Technician according to the level of experience of the professional in the company until his dismissal. See how the listing is made:

* Computer Maintenance Technician Level I: up to 4 years;
* Computer Maintenance Technician Level II: from 4 to 6 years old;
* Computer Maintenance Technician Level III: over 6 years in the company until his dismissal;

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